The mission of the Osceola Fundamental High School Theatre Arts Program is

to provide a high quality theatrical education preparing students for a wide variety of careers and a lifetime appreciation of the theatre,

to foster a student-led community that supports, challenges, and encourages each member to achieve their greatest artistic potential,

and to create bold art that astonishes the mind, provokes the heart, delights the senses, and above all, tells great stories.

The theatre arts program at OFHS combines in-school classes, after-school clubs, honor societies, workshops, productions, performances, festivals, and competitions to create a comprehensive, engaging, and effective theatre arts education program. Students actively enrolled in classes and participating in productions are offered hands-on, real world experience in the theatre arts ranging from acting methods and scene development to technical skills, sound design, and stage management to playwriting and directing. Auditions for cast and crew for plays and musicals are always open to all students currently enrolled at OFHS and students from all parts of our student body are encouraged to get involve and find something that interests them.

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Theatre Arts Course Offerings

Osceola Fundamental High School offers a wide array of classes in the academic catalog to allow students to fine tune their theatre arts education to focus on the skills they want to develop as well as satisfy their graduation requirements for fine arts elective credits.

Theatre I

Theatre I is an entry level theatre course offering a broad introduction to the theatre arts. Theatre I includes basic instruction in:


  • acting methods and technique

  • scene and character analysis

  • theatre history

  • authors and literature

  • theatre etiquette

  • stagecraft and design

  • production and publicity

  • audition and competition skills

  • and much more

Theatre II

Theatre II is designed for second year students and takes the skills learned in theatre I and enhances them by going deeper in acting methods and self expression, reading and analyzing more difficult materials, taking on tougher parts, expanding understanding of stagecraft and technical engineering, and offering further training in audition and competition skills.

Theatre II includes a comprehensive unit on playwriting, original devising, and using your individual voice in society.

Theatre III & IV

Technical Theatre

Design and Production I - IV

Students who elect to continue their theatre arts education into years three and four receive comprehensive education in the skills necessary to successfully audition for college programs and compete in theatre festivals and competitions.


Students in this class will have access to numerous festivals, competitions, conferences, and workshop trips throughout the year.

The Theatre III & IV Class also produces our annual Junior-Senior show in the round, a once in a lifetime performance opportunity unique to Osceola.


Theatre III/IV offers an honors quality point towards the student's weighted GPA.

Our Technical Theatre Design and Production classes are designed to offer a more intensive technical theatre arts education for those wishing for focuse more on the offstage aspects of production. These courses include insutruction in:

  • scenic design and stagecraft

  • props management

  • costume design and creation

  • makeup and hair design

  • sound engineering

  • light engineering

  • practical stage special effects

  • direction and publicity

  • box office management

concessions management

Technical Theatre IV offers an honors quality point towards the student's weighted GPA.