Thank you to everyone who came out to audition for our spring musical. There is a huge pool of talent here at Osceola and we are so proud of all of you. The following people are requested for call backs. A reminder that we are only calling back the 6 principal parts, please do not panic if you do not see your name, we still have about 20 other characters to cast.

Principals, please see your song selection and music below with a few notes. Call backs will take place from 2:15pm - 4:00pm tomorrow in the chorus room. We will present our songs first right after school in no particular order and then do some scene reads in groups. Scene reads will be light and informal. I will ask you to read a bunch of parts, try some things, hand some parts around, and just see what feels good. Cast and crew will be announced after call backs have completed.

Parts and Songs

The Sisters are being called back in pairs. Your song will be Who Will Love Me As I Am? It has two very strong solo lines at the beginning and then some simple harmonies for the last chorus. These harmonies will be taught in the chorus room right after school if you need any help. Music and rehearsal track below for reference.

Violet paired with Daisy

Carly Davenport paired with Sophia Paige

Emma van Dyke paired with Courtney Ferguson

Riley Newton paired with Abigail Martin

All of the males will be called back for the three available male parts. They will sing Terry's part from the first 7 pages of the music. Please note, the dialogue in the center part of the sheet music is not included in the audio track. There is no karaoke track for this song, you'll sing over top of the track on low.

Buddy, Terry, Jake

Quint Paxton

Bryce Nagel

Parker Koskinas

In the original production "Sir" is definitively a male and is only given the name Sir. We will be flipping this dynamic by having a female play the character gender neutrally. Actors will be singing the opening of Come Look At The Freaks through the introduction of the Fortune Teller. Please note, the actual melody this is written as is likely out of these voice ranges. The original Sir talk-sung most of the lyrics. Pitches became secondary to power, presentation, rhythm, and emphasis. Listen to the posted recording for reference, do your best, and have fun with the part.


Izzi Quinn

Izzi Ouellet

Sofia Arango

Keira Combs

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