Cast and Crew List

Cast List

     Thank you to everyone who came out to audition for our spring musical, Rodgers + Hammerstein's Cinderella. As always, the caliber of talent here at Osceola is beyond impressive and you should all be extremely proud of the work you put into the auditions. Below is our cast list. A reminder that we will have our kick-off party Tuesday, January 25th, after school in the cafeteria and our first read throughs will be Thursday and Friday. You'll receive you production handbook, cast/crew contract, and complete schedule at the kick-off party. Looking forward to making "impossible" magic happen with you all!


Ella - Emma Van Dyke

Topher - Ryan Butler

Jean-Michel - Jacob Gorman

Gabrielle - Viviana Vargas

Charlotte - Campbell Burnett

Marie - Keira Combs

Madame - Madi Rafferty

Sebastian - Mars Lucas

Lord Pinkleton - Zach Gage



Ella - Mars Lucas

Topher/Jean-Michel - Zach Gage

Stepsisters - Nellie Moore

Marie - Jolie Thellab



Theo Ames, Courtney Bennett, Emily Brady, Katie Clare, Sam Cressman, Ivangely Diaz, Annabelle Dowman, Gabrielle Dowman, Litzy Flores-Paloma, Vicky Hernandez, Madison Hollinsworth, Christina Keeler, Lyla Moan, Riley Newton, Jey Malaykham, Jaydin Martin, Shayna Messler, Brenna Miller, Nellie Moore, Mireya Paloma, Victoria Santos, Nathan Spindel, Hannah Szlembarski, Jolie Thellab, Chloe Tisdale, Hailey Varadi, Ainsleigh Vickers

*Please note, there are numerous individual ensemble characters with solo and sung lines that will be assigned once rehearsals have started. You will be asked to play multiple parts as ensemble.

Crew List

Director - Mr. Kevin Pace

Technical Director - Isa Redero

Asst. Technical Director - Abby Moore

Stage Manager - Skye Csulik

Asst. Stage Manager - Kaley Succow

Choreographer - Madison Rafferty, Brenna Miller

Set Design & Construction Masters - Lucy Allan & Mason McLeod

Set Crew - Laura Stromayerova, JayCee New Howald, Jesse Schultz, Heny Surtee, Abrielle Pluta, Allie Seib, Brenna Joyce

Costume Masters - Bella Luettinger & Adelaide Mckinney

Costume Crew - Ayaa Mouzahem, Sara Saraeb, Allison Boza, Loren Lijewski, Kira Watkins, Theo Phillips

Properties Masters - Gracie Bane

Props Crew - Breana Harrington, Caleigh Klinefelter, Nolan Mogelgaard, Joshua Mannari, Franke Marion

Makeup/Hair Masters - Marissa Villa-Lovern & Sada Premo

Makeup/Hair Crew - Delaney Lucas, Kate Maggio, Sofia Hazen, Lyla Moan, Molly Crabtree, Adriana Lino, Carla Arteaga-Arteaga

Lighting Masters - Lea Delic & Gavin Van Dyke

Lighting Crew - Skyler Vanmetre, Maciej Matecki

Sound Master - Emme Slaughter & Nash McLeod

Sound Crew - Trinity Harrell, Claudia Owusu-Ansah, Rachel Armstead, Matthew Wieder

Publicity & House Manager - Delaney Halter

Publicity Crew - Victorya Santos, Courtney Bennett, Gianna DiBrizzi, Allegra Durst, Owen Roush, Skylin Kelley