2018-2019 Season

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The Yellow Boat

November/December 2018

By: David Saar

One-Act competition submission at Florida Theatre Conference and District IV Thespian Festival


The story of The Yellow Boat is a glorious affirmation of a child's life and the strength and courage of all children. This dramatization is based on the true story of David and Sonja Saar's son, Benjamin, who was born with congenital hemophilia and died in 1987 at the age of 8 of AIDS-related complications. A uniquely gifted visual artist, Benjamin's buoyant imagination transformed his physical and emotional pain into a blaze of colors and shapes in his fanciful drawings and paintings.


           Includes explicit themes of death, religious commentary, and AIDS related symptoms.

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I Never Saw Another Butterfly

November 8, 9, & 10, 2018

By: Danielle Benson

Fall Mainstage Play


Over 15,000 Jewish children passed through Terezin, and only about a hundred were still alive when Terezin was liberated at the end of the war. One of the survivors, Raja, having lived through it all, teaching the children when there was nothing to teach with, helping to give them hope when there was little enough reason for hope, creating a little world of laughter, of flowers and butterflies behind the barbed wire, tells the true story of the children. It's her play and it's theirs. There were no butterflies at Terezin, of course, but for the children, butterflies became a symbol of defiance, making it possible for them to live on and play happily while waiting to be transported.

            Includes authentic recreations of life for children inside a WWII era concentration camp.

Please Note: Per the wishes of the author, this show will be presented without intermission.

Approximate run time: 1 hour, 25 minutes.

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Children of a Lesser God

January 2019

By: Mark Medoff

Junior-Senior Show In The Round


After three years in the Peace Corps, James, a young speech therapist, joins the faculty of a school for the deaf. He meets Sarah, a school dropout, totally deaf from birth, and estranged both from the world of hearing. Fluent in sign language, James tries, with little success, to help Sarah, but gradually the two fall in love and marry. At first their relationship is a happy and glowing one, but discord soon develops as Sarah becomes militant for the rights of the deaf. In the end the chasm between the worlds of sound and silence seems almost too great to cross…but love and compassion hold the hope of reconciliation, and a fuller understanding of differences that can unite as well as divide.


This show will be presented in the round. Seating is limited to 120 seats per night on a first come, first served basis.

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Thoroughly Modern Millie

April 11, 12, & 13, 2019

Music By: Jeanine Tesori

Lyrics By: Dick Scanlan

Spring Main Stage Musical


Set in New York City in 1922, Thoroughly Modern Millie tells the story of young Millie Dillmount from Kansas, who comes to New York in search of a new life for herself. Her grand plan is to find a job as a secretary for a wealthy man and then marry him. However, her plan goes completely awry. The owner of her dingy hotel kidnaps young girls to sell to the Far East, her wealthy boss is slow in proposing marriage and the man she actually falls in love with doesn't have a dime to his name... or so he tells her.

2017 - 2018 Season

33 Variations

September 2017; Dates TBD

By: Moisés Kaufman

Fall Junior-Senior show in-the-round


A mother coming to terms with her daughter. A composer coming to terms with his genius. And, even though they're separated by 200 years, these two people share an obsession that might, even just for a moment, make time stand still. Drama, memory and music combine to transport you from present-day New York to nineteenth-century Austria in this extraordinary American play about passion, parenthood and the moments of beauty that can transform a life.


Presented in theatre in the round.

120 tickets will be available for each performance.


           Includes mild themes of death, religious commentary, and coarse language.

A Darkness

November/December 2017

By: Danielle Benson

One-Act competition submission at Florida Theatre Conference and District IV Thespian Festival


An original student written one-act play, this piece is a call back to the days of Hammer Horror films and Bela Lugosi. With suspense and terror at every turn, the audience won't know what to expect next as a group of researchers and government middle managers attempt to contain what they do not understand.


 A Darkness received the Critics' Choice Award for Playwriting at the 2016 District IV Thespian Festival.



            Includes scenes that may be frightening for younger audiences.

2016 - 2017 Season

The 39 Steps

November 1, 2, & 4, 2017

By: Patrick Barlow

Fall theatrical main stage


Mix a Hitchcock masterpiece with a juicy spy novel, add a dash of Monty Python and you have The 39 Steps, a fast-paced whodunit for anyone who loves the magic of theatre! This 2-time Tony® and Drama Desk Award-winning treat is packed with nonstop laughs, over 150 zany characters, an on-stage plane crash, handcuffs, missing fingers and some good old-fashioned romance!


In The 39 Steps, a man with a boring life meets a woman with a thick accent who says she's a spy. When he takes her home, she is murdered. Soon, a mysterious organization called "The 39 Steps" is hot on the man's trail in a nationwide manhunt that climaxes in a death-defying finale! A riotous blend of virtuoso performances and wildly inventive stagecraft, The 39 Steps amounts to an unforgettable evening of pure pleasure! 


We Will Rock You

April 12, 13, & 14, 2018

Story and Script By: Ben Elton

Music and Lyrics By: Queen


Featuring more than 20 hit Queen songs, We Will Rock You follows two revolutionaries as they try to save Rock in a post apocalyptic world. With a script penned by British Playwright, Ben Elton, the music of Queen is expertly woven into this stunning piece full of 80's rock visuals, consumerist satire, and nods to those musicians that left us too early.

Featuring the songs “Another One Bites the Dust,” “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Killer Queen,” “We Will Rock You,” “Somebody To Love,” “We Are The Champions,” “Don’t Stop Me Now” and many more.

Volume of Smoke

September 14, 15, & 16, 2016

By: Clay McLeod Chapman

Fall Junior-Senior show in-the-round

Volume of Smoke was an original commissioned work for The Firehouse Theater (Carol Piersol, Artistic Director) in Richmond, Virginia. Adapted from John F. Watson's "Calamity at Richmond, Being a Narrative of the Affecting Circumstances Attending the Awful Conflagration of the Theatre in the City of Richmond, on the Night of Thursday, the 26th of December, 1811."


Hear the stories of those who lived and those who died in the Richmond Theatre Fire of 1811 as the characters come to grips with their own mortality and the continuation of community after a tragedy.

What I Want To Say But Never Will

November/December 2016

By: Alan Haehnel

One-Act competition submission at Florida Theatre Conference and District IV Thespian Conference


If you could say anything you wanted, without any consequences or judgment, just what would you say? Based on student responses from around the country, What I Want to Say But Never Will explores this simple but intimate question, offering a glimpse into teenagers' most private thoughts. Told through monologues and anecdotes from the playwright himself, these confessions range from a hilarious rant on an art teacher's bad breath to a touching piece of advice from a brother leaving for the Navy.

The Tempest

November 10, 11, & 12, 2016

By: William Shakespeare

Fall theatrical main stage


Shakespeare's last masterwork, The Tempest is often considered one of his finest pieces. In an elegant style that can only be Shakespeare, contrasting themes of love, revenge, maturity, and the wild magic of the natural world are brought together in this engrossing tale.


Following the path of the magician, Prospero, and his daughter, Miranda, we are born to an island of mysticism and magic as the enemies that had exiled Prospero to the island 12 years earlier and stolen his duchy are shipwrecked on the shore by a tumultous storm.


Plots interweave as Prospero seeks vengence, Miranda falls in love, and the usurper to Prospero's duchy attempts to become king.

Little Women

April 6, 7, & 8, 2017

Music By: Jason Howard.

Lyrics By: Mindi Dickstein

Book By: Allan Knee

Spring musical main stage


Based on the classic novel by Louisa May Alcott, the musical adaptation of Little Women includes all of the tenderness, poignancy, and beauty of the source material.


Following the lives of the four Marche sisters, the music weaves itself among the story of a family and their experience growing up in Civil War America. Joe, Meg, Beth, and Amy must cope with love and loss in a shifting American landscape while coming to the realization that their greatest strenght is each other.


Little Women embodies the complete theatrical experience, guaranteeing a night filled with laughter, tears, and a lifting of the spirit. The powerful score soars with the sounds of personal discovery, heartache and hope -- the sounds of a young America finding its voice.

2015 - 2016 Season

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The Little Mermaid

Music by Alan Menken

Lyrics by Howard Ashman and Glenn Slater

Book by Doug Wright

April 2016

Spring musical main stage production


Based on one of Hans Christian Andersen's most beloved stories and the classic animated film, Disney's The Little Mermaid is a hauntingly beautiful love story for the ages. With music by eight-time Academy Award winner Alan Menken, lyrics by Howard Ashman and Glenn Slater, and a compelling book by Doug Wright, this fishy fable will capture your heart with its irresistible songs including "Under the Sea," "Kiss the Girl," and "Part of Your World."


Ariel, King Triton's youngest daughter, wishes to pursue the human Prince Eric in the world above and bargains with the evil sea witch, Ursula, to trade her tail for legs. But the bargain is not what it seems and Ariel needs the help of her colorful friends Flounder the fish, Scuttle the seagull, and Sebastian the crab to restore order under the sea.

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Nobody Heard Me Cry

By Vern Harden

November/December 2015

One-Act play submission at Florida Theatre Conference and District IV Thespian Festival


The play chronicles Justin’s slow and painful deterioration through his journal entries.  We learn of his anger surrounding his father’s untimely death, his disappointment at not getting into the police academy and his constant sense of isolation, even when around other kids his age.  Though Justin’s mother and friends try to reach out to him, he pushes them all away.  Sadly, they give up too easily, not fathoming the depth of his anguish. If we hesitate before reaching out and helping them, we might be too late. 


2014 - 2015 Season

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The Sound of Music

By Rodgers and Hammerstein

April 2015

Spring musical main stage production


The final collaboration between Rodgers & Hammerstein was destined to become the world's most beloved musical. When a postulant proves too high-spirited for the religious life, she is dispatched to serve as governess for the seven children of a widowed naval Captain. Her growing rapport with the youngsters, coupled with her generosity of spirit, gradually captures the heart of the stern Captain. The family's narrow escape over the mountains to Switzerland on the eve of World War II provides one of the most thrilling and inspirational finales ever presented in the theatre. The motion picture version remains the most popular movie musical of all time.


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The Girl Who Was Asked to Turn Blue

By Ev Miller

December 2014

One-Act play submission at District IV Thespian Festival


Tracy Logan arrives in a strange blue world filled with blue people. Afraid that she might be stuck there for good, Tracy must try to assimilate into this strange society. In the end she is forced to make a choice: refuse to turn blue and be forever outcast, or turn blue and join this world that isn't hers.

Radium Girls

By D.W. Gregory

November 2015

Fall theatrical main stage production


Follow along as a young watch dial painter, Grace Fryer, takes on one of the largest corporations in the United States after it is discovered that she and her fellow dial girls have becoming ill from something in the plant.


This piece is an engrossing and compelling drama of corporate intrigue, worker marginalization, and how lives are affected by illness that reminds viewers that regardless of what scientific, technological breakthroughs await us as each generation passes, the human factor must never be forgotten.


Done to Death

By Fred Carmichael

November 2014

Fall theatrical main stage production


Five washed up, past their prime murder-mystery writers are given the opportunity of a lifetime when they are called together to write the script for a new murder-mystery TV show.

Hiliarity ensues, though, as people actually start dying and these writers must put all their skills to the test to figure out who the murderer is before they get bumped off one by one.